Can big data predict the outcome of major political events?

5th April 2017

Big data is transforming society. Not so long ago, this phenomenon was confined to within the walls of universities, but now big data plays a key role across most industry sectors – affecting how companies function, attract new customers and streamline their business strategy.

The data revolution is changing the way businesses operate and compete in the global market and has transformed a number of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, education and agriculture.

At the KPMG Data Observatory, housed within the Data Science Institute at Imperial College London, researchers can now create visualisations of global business and social trends on everything from cryptocurrency transactions to migration patterns, on a bank of screens powered by 32 computers.

The aim of the data observatory is for researchers across Imperial College London and Imperial College Business School to collaborate with businesses to analyse and visualise big data to generate insights that can help businesses improve their products and services. Researchers also hope to use the observatory to better understand subjects such as online fraud, climate change and the solar system.

But the observatory can also be used for analysing people’s behaviour online in the lead up to a major public vote. We looked at this phenomenon in two recent studies where we looked at how people used Twitter on the eve of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and on the night of the US election…

Excerpt from Imperial College Business School’s brand campaign #whatthefuture. The full article is available here


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