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Data Observatory

Uniting the worlds of business and data science our data observatory will play a vital role in helping businesses make sense of their data.

Welcome to KPMG Data Observatory

Welcome to KPMG Data Observatory

Get a better look at your opportunities

To solve big problems, you need to think differently. The KPMG Data Observatory lets you see your data from virtually every angle, unlocking new perspectives and inspiring new strategies. With an immense data processing capacity, it the largest facility of its kind in Europe - and possibly the world.


Centred around our 310 degree visualisation space, the Data Observatory includes data science studios and conference facilities that allows you to sit down with academics and business advisors to co-create strategies that help solve your greatest challenges. Located in the new Data Science Institute at Imperial College London, the KPMG Data Observatory provides you with a connected, innovative  and immersive data environment.

Immerse yourself

Get a high-definition view of real-time data in an enveloping circular wall of 64 monitors with 310 degrees of surround vision and a total resolution of more than 130,000,000 pixels.

Get involved

Imperial Business Analytics uses leading analytical methods in big data to help solve complex issues and create new value. Are you interested in finding out more? We are here, so contact us.    

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